Our team of leadership advisors are experienced

executive leaders who have a rich history of building companies, successfully executing business strategy, and delivering exponential growth

Curt Allen
Founding Partner

Curt has deep experience on both the provider and partner side of the technology space with roles as a global channel leader for multi billion dollar public companies as well as leading one of the premier master agencies for 12 years. Curt also has a background in resale, wholesale, and whitelabel business in network, collaboration, UCaaS and CCaaS. Known as a dynamic channel leader and talented speaker, Allen excels at delivering data driven GTM strategies with specific and actionable tactics to execute that are supported and understood from the boardroom to the street. Allen’s areas of specialization at X4 Advisors are GTM, sales process, partner compensation, partner programs, routes to market, revenue and profitability growth, and team building/ development.

Steve Braverman
Founding Partner

Steve has multiple successful start-up ventures under his belt and is a born entrepreneur. Recognized as an innovator, visionary leader, and sales and marketing expert, he has brought and helped bring businesses to market that have changed the technology landscape and partner community. Braverman is sought out by leaders in the space for his “out of the box” thinking and ability to see problems from unique perspectives. His ability to break complex challenges into manageable and understandable pieces makes him the perfect bridge between executive leaders and the people who need to execute the plan. Steve’s areas of specialization at X4 Advisors are GTM strategy, marketing and branding, M&A, revenue and profitability growth, business planning, and channel programs.

Mike Cromwell
Founding Partner

Mike is a results-oriented, passionate, high-energy, driven, award-winning senior executive with 30 years’ experience delivering revenue growth and successfully executing business plans. Mike C-Level experience across multiple areas of expertise including operations, product management, and finance. A seasoned executive sales and marketing leader with a track record of driving revenue growth and creating valuation increases for shareholders and owners, Mike has demonstrated success in a wide range of technology businesses ranging from start-up software as a service to large global service providers. He has deep experience leading teams across multiple distribution channels and every customer segment with a track record of building world-class, high performance organizations.

Cardi Prinzi
Founding Partner

In a career spanning four decades, Cardi has gained a wealth of experience as a sales and marketing leader for telecommunications and technology companies focused on the B2B market from SMB to Enterprise. He has had success throughout the US and Internationally in large corporations through early-stage start-ups – both public & private, and has been involved in multiple mergers, acquisitions, and integrations. Recognized as a thought leader, he excels in “connecting-the-dots”between product, marketing, and sales. His opinions on sales and marketing strategies are sought out by large service providers and technology distributors. His areas of focus at EagleTEQ are Go-to-Market strategies and tactics, international sales and marketing, accentuating unique value propositions, and organizational structure.

Greg Daily

Greg was the Chief Revenue Officer for a leading ~$700M MSP offering SaaS-based Cybersecurity and Cloud Communications services focused on SMB and Enterprise markets across North America. Prior to the ~ $1B acquisition by private equity he worked closely with the existing and incoming investors to steer the development of the go-to-market (GTM) strategy, planning, execution – all focused on solution selling, customer success and new routes to market.

Over the course of his career in the TMT, Greg has had the opportunity to serve in cloud, wireless and wireline markets in executive-level roles spanning sales, marketing, operations, and business units for globally positioned companies across the private and public sectors. In addition to the Americas Greg has significant experience in Asia and Europe managing all manner of channels, partnerships and acquisitions.

Matt Harty

Matt has significant tenure in the IT services industry with over 30 years of experience as a sales, marketing and operational executive leader in both publicly held companies and private organizations. His experience includes C-Level executive roles in leading organizations with over $1 billion in annual sales as well as founding several start-up companies in data center, telecommunications, and SaaS. Matt has a strong background in building high performing sales teams, and has developed go-to-market strategies to organically grow revenue and profitability in the Enterprise, Mid-Market, and SMB market segments. He specializes in helping companies develop, grow and optimize both direct and channel sales strategies. His background includes extensive experience with mergers/acquisitions involving public and privately held companies, with a focus on helping to manage the integration process post close.

Layne Levine

Layne has a rich background of over 30 years in the technology sector and has gracefully maneuvered through many leadership roles such as CEO, President, COO, CRO, and other executive positions. His expertise lies in his adeptness at intertwining strategy with flawless execution, fostering growth, and nurturing a results-driven culture.

Layne understands the foundation of Sell, Order, Install, Bill, Collect, and Service in diverse business landscapes, ranging from Fortune 500 giants to ambitious startups grappling with growth challenges in fiercely competitive marketplaces.
Layne is a strategic motivational speaker and cultural maven. He delivers tangible results, focusing on the trifecta of “The Right People, the Right Process, and the Right Data Analytics” to ensure seamless execution. His experience fosters timely recalibration when deviations occur, providing that the wheels of progress never falter.

Layne works with teams to develop robust go-to-market strategies, refining pipeline mechanics and metrics, aligning compensation structures with results, and fostering organizational and personal growth and development.
Additionally, Layne specializes in identifying process gaps within the customer lifecycle. Armed with rigorous data analysis, he builds processes and systems to enhance the overall customer experience.

Layne is a transformational leader that drives business results and success.

Matthew McKee

Matthew McKee leverages over 20 years of experience in technology solution advisory to empower organizations servicing clients amidst digital transformation. His unique perspective, grounded in extensive work with end clients, positions him as an expert in guiding technology service providers and vendors to align with the real needs of transforming businesses.

Specializing in building go-to-market (GTM) strategies, technical sales organizations, and product portfolios, Matthew brings a client-focused lens to any technology sales or service delivery organizations. His approach is founded on using firsthand insights into client transformation journeys to help service providers evolve from merely being market participants to becoming critical enablers of client success and long-term partners.

Matthew’s strength lies in understanding the end client’s transformational needs and translating these into actionable strategies. He advises on crafting solutions and experiences that not only meet but anticipate client requirements and identify the needs unknown even to clients, turning potential headwinds into tailwinds for these organizations.

His expertise in building technical solution sales teams and developing market-driven product offerings ensures organizations are well-equipped to address the evolving landscape of client needs. Matthew fosters a culture of innovation and empathy, driving vendors and service providers towards greater relevance and impact in their client engagements.

Matthew is available to work with clients aiming to develop robust go-to-market strategies, construct effective technical sales teams, and create compelling product or service portfolios.


Corey Cohen

Corey has an expansive 20 year-history in integrated marketing, first in public relations, onto advertising with fortune 500 clients and eventually transitioning to the indirect technology space. She’s spent the last ten years building marketing practices from the ground up for service providers and technology suppliers, while consulting with IT advisors on growth marketing. Corey attributes sales success from direct partner marketing support. While she understands the importance of a solid strategy and go-to-market planning, marketing is nothing without sales numbers to back it up. Therefore, Corey’s executive consulting services center around marketing sales enablement, translating existing strategy and distilling it down to tactical things: tools, copy, collateral, programs that help sales teams, sell. She’ll work to connect the dots, taking what an organization already has and getting sales to inform marketing’s production of tangible sales assets.

Michael Gough

Michael Gough is a seasoned sales executive known for his strategic vision, collaborative approach, and ability to drive significant results in the competitive telecommunications industry. With a focus on building strong relationships and delivering innovative solutions, he continues to excel in his role as a leader in channel sales and business development.

Michael is proficient in Cloud, Migration, Access, Security Channel Sales

and has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Known for exceptional leadership skills and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Michael is recognized as an influential figure among C-level executives and partner communities. He specializes in developing and restructuring channel programs, with a successful track record of team leadership through acquisitions and motivating teams with a positive and energetic approach.

Michael’s leadership has excelled at building teams that last beyond a job or a career; he’s built front office and back office to grow new logo and organic growth preventing churn; net-new business through net-new trusted advisors; with a proven program.  His special gift is raising someone’s aspirations beyond their dreams and then taking them there, as a team with passion, creative thought and a planned success.